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31 December 2020 @ 07:07 pm

My journal is 'Friends Only', but that's simply so that I don't get randoms coming along reading about my personal life. If you know me from a community, or have found my journal and think we could get along, then please feel free to add me.

All I ask is that you comment on this entry, so I know where you're from. I'll add you back if we have enough common interests.

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15 August 2012 @ 03:47 pm



These things are going around Tumblr and when I saw there was no Dragon Age one, I couldn't resist making one ... and of course, I had to share it here!

Suggestions, or requests for characters I’ve missed are welcome. Enjoy guys!

Origin: Hawke
Lover: Cailan
Best Friend: Alistair
Enemy: Sebastian
Has a Crush on you: Carver
Cockblocked by: Aveline

I’m very amused by this. Cailan was my first DA crush, and who wouldn’t love being BFFs and Lover with the Theirin boys. I’m am, however, way creeped out by the fact my Origin is Hawke and Carver has a crush on me! >_<
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01 April 2012 @ 10:54 am
I know I don't talk about my writing on here much any more, because I have my wiring blog, Clare Dugmore Writes, but as I'm doing the A-Z blogging challenging, and want more people to know about my novel, I thought I'd share my posts here too.

If you don't care about my novel, feel free to ignore the posts for this month (though hopefully I can get a real life update written too).

Okay, on with A ...
"If we're going to defend the facility and stop Irie breaking William out, wouldn't it be useful if we knew the history of the centre?" Maggie said.

Nola snorted and rolled her eyes. "You can't find the answer to everything in a book."

"No, but your sister does have a good point. Sebastian, would the PID system have any information on the Arc?" Betty said.

"You know, it might. I remember this orientation video when I first joined that gave a history of the facilities. Let me see if I can find it in the archives." Sebastian crossed the warehouse that was their living area and went to the computer desk.
18 March 2012 @ 11:29 am

I'm sure some of you will know that in the writing industry it's very hard to get your name out there, and will appreciate the importance of helping out other up-and-comers. If anyone want to get anywhere with their writing, promotion and getting more followers is part of the process.

That's what I'm here to do today.

My husband runs his own website reporting video games news, reviewing video games and writing editorials about the gaming industry. He's done everything off his own back, and has gotten contacts with some big name video game publishers, as well as advertisers.

However, the site and community still needs to grow. He needs more traffic so that he can get bigger advertising revenues, so that we can pay the bills! LOL

All I ask is that you check out the site. I understand life is busy, and you've probably got enough sites to follow etc. But my hope is if enough people check out VGI then someone will find something they like on there, and it will become a site they follow regularly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for checking out Video Games Interactive.
09 March 2012 @ 11:40 am
Characters & Pairing(s): Wynne, Solona Amell, with background Solona/ Alistair
Rating: Teen - no graphic violence or language, references to canon but not as graphic as the actual game.
Warnings/Contains: Non.
Length: 8,033
Summary: Throughout her life Solona Amell has faced many challenges and changes. From simple village girl to Circle Mage, from Circle Mage to the new Grey Warden recruit, and to finally becoming one of the last two Wardens in Ferelden. And through it all one woman has been a constant source of comfort and wisdom for Solona, that woman is Wynne, and this story shows a brief snippet of the bond they share.
Disclaimer: I don't oen Dragon Age, the world its set in or any of its characters. These all belong to Bioware and I'm merely borrowing them for entertainment purposes.
A/N: Originally written for the Women of Dragon Age character challenge.
Thanks to my Hubby for the beta, encouragement and advice. Orignally this piece was meant to cover all of Solona's life, and the influence Wynne had on it. However, I found myself running out of time, so sadly this only covers half of what I had planned. Hopefully in the future I can go back and add the other six scenes I had in mind. This is my first venture into the Dragon Age fandom, and I found I loved it. Hopefully this will be the start of a new world of writing for me. I hope anyone reading finds something they enjoy in the story.

Moments in Time on

Moments in Time on AO3
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21 January 2012 @ 09:20 pm
In my journey to becoming a published writer, I’ve recently re-vaped my NaNoWriMo blog to make it a simple writing blog, as well as making Facebook and Twitter pages for my writing self.

Those of you interested in my writing are free to follow them:

Clare Dugmore Writes @ Blogger

Clare Dugmore Writes @ Facebook

Clare Dugmore Writes @ Twitter

The majority of my writing updates will be there from now on, and I will continue to use this journal for real life updates, fandom related stuff.

Thanks for reading.
30 August 2011 @ 12:21 pm

Recently got into PotterMore and want to squee about all the exciting features? Or still waiting for your invitation Owl and want to bitch about not getting in? Then I have the place for you.

Obliviate Forums

A fun friendly forum dedicated to Harry Potter, with a new Pottermore section recently added. The site also includes areas to post fanfic, fanart and graphics. Discussions on popular books, movies and TV shows, as well as an arcade featuing well known games like Tetris, Mahjong  and Gold Miner. Come join the fun at Obliviate today!
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10 August 2011 @ 10:41 pm
I'm sorry, I know its short notice with only twelve days before the dead line. I'd very much love anyone who can pick this up and give it the once over for me.

Pen Name: wandaxmaximoff 
Rating of the story: Mature/ NC-17
Spoilers/Time Line: Spoilers up until the end of HBP
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Asteria Greengrass
Beta Type: SpaG mostly, but anything else you think needs work please point it out.
Harshness: Honest and constructive without being harsh. I'm more than happy to listen and willing to learn where I can make improvements. But I won't have my story picked apart for no good reason.
Warning: Under age sex (both parties are around 15-16)
Extras:  This is for the fest deflower_draco, so I can't go into too much detail, but the basic jist is draco finding solace as he battles with his demons in his sixth year. I appreciate that this is short notice, and I'm asking a lot requesting a 7k fic to be looked at 12 days before the dead line, but I'd really love someone to give it the once over.

If you've got the time please let me know in the comments, and thanks in advance. ^_^
11 July 2011 @ 07:27 pm

So, with A Dance with Dragons in T minus 14 hours I decided to share with y'all rated_r_ripper and my A Dance with Dragon's Predictions. The questions/ ideas were stolen from a thread on

A Dance With Dragons Predictions





How many Jon chapters in ADWD? (1 point)



Who is the Mystery POV, the last one whom has not been revealed (not including the epilogue)? (10 points)


Osha or Davos

3. Who is the Epilogue POV? (7 points)



4. Which POV character(s) will die in ADWD? Not including Varamyr.(1 point for each character you name that dies. -1 point for every character you name that survives. 0 points if their fate is left unclear eg. Brienne)

Bran & Quentin

Asha & Davos

5. Will we see UnGregor in ADWD? (1 point)


Yes, he will be Cersie's champion

6. Who is the first POV chapter, not counting the prologue? (1 point)



7. Who is the last POV chapter, not counting the epiloque? (1 point)



8. What is the very last word in the book? Hint: begins with D) (1 point)



9. Will we find out the identity of Coldhands? (1 point for correct yes/no answer. 5 points if you guess his identity correctly)

Yes, Benjen

Yes, Benjen

10. Will we find out the identity of the Three-Eyed Crow? (1 point for correct yes/no answer. 5 points if you guess his identity correctly)

Yes, Bloodraven

Yes, Bloodraven

11. How many POV chapters with Ser Barristan Selmy have? (1 point)



12. Will any of the following MIA characters be sighted "on screen": Jorah Mormont, Tyrek Lannister, Benjen Stark, Osha, Rickon, Shagga, Timmet Son of Timmet, Aurane Waters, The Hound, Syrio Forel, the Darkstar, the Blackfish, Shaggydog, Nymeria, Edric Storm, Edric Dayne, Maege Mormont (1 point per correct answer, -1 point for incorrect answer)

Jorah Mormont, Tyrek Lannister, Benjen Stark, Osha, Rickon, Syrio Forel, Shaggydog, Nymeria,

Jorah Mormont, Benjen Stark, Osha, Rickon, the Darkstar, the Blackfish, Shaggydog, Maege Mormont

13. Will any of the following previously unseen characters be sighted "on screen": Howland Reed, Gerion Lannister, Lord Hightower, Wylla, Tysha, Willas Tyrell, Harry the Heir (1 point per correct answer, -1 point for incorrect answer)



14. Will Dany marry in ADWD? (1 point for correct yes/no guess. 5 points for correct guess of who she marries)

Yes to Victorian Greyjoy

Yes to Quentin Martell

15. Who will Dany have sex with in ADWD? (1 point per correct guess, -1 point per incorrect guess. If your guess is "nobody" and you're correct, 1 point)

Victorian Greyjoy

Quentin and Daario Naharis

16. Will we see an Other? (1 point)



17. Is Loras Tyrell really dead? (1 point)


No, just really burnt

18. Will the Golden Company ally with Dany or against her? (1 point)



19. How about the Iron Fleet? (1 point)



20. Will Dany set sail for Westeros at any point during ADWD? (1 point)


Yes at the end

21. Will she set foot on Westeros? (1 point)



22. Will any real dragons be seen in Westeros? (1 point)



23. Will any stone dragons be seen in Westeros? (1 point)




24. Will the Wall fall during ADWD? (1 point)





25. How many people will Arya kill in ADWD? (1 point)



26. Name someone who Arya kills in ADWD - you have up to three guesses (5 points per correct guess)


Kindly Old Man

27. Which non-POV character(s) will die in ADWD? (3 points for each character you name that dies. -1 point for every character you name that survives. 0 points if their fate is left unclear eg. Brienne)



28. Who will fight for Cersei in her trial? (1 point)

A Tyrell


29. Who will fight for Margaery? (1 point)

A Tyrell


30. Will we find out a definitive answer to Jon's parentage? If so, who are his Mom and Dad? (1 point for yes/no, 3 points for correct mom, 3 points for correct pop)

Yes, Lyanna and Robert

Yes, R+L = J, Maester Aemon will tell him

31. What animals/humans will Bran warg into? (1 point per correct guess, -1 point per incorrect guess)

Hodor, no animals

Hodor, Summer, various woodland creatures

32. Will we see a giant? (1 point)



33. Who will pose as the Mummer's Dragon? (1 point)


Unsure, but they'll say it's baby Aegon

34. Who will get married in ADWD? Not including Asha Greyjoy. (1 point per correct answer, -1 point per incorrect answer)

Dany and Victorian

Dany and Quentin

35. Who will be the King on the Iron Throne at the end of the novel? (1 point)

Kevin Lannister


36. Who will be Lord of Winterfell, if anyone, at the end of the novel? And by Lord of Winterfell I mean actually holding Winterfell, not the rightful Stark lord. (1 point)


Non. Winterfell will still be ruined

37. Will Jon be Lord Commander of the Night's Watch at the end of the novel? If not, who? (1 point/ 3 points)

New NW with Jon as leader in Winterfell

Yes, but the NW will be in ruin

38. Will Daario Naharis somehow betray Dany? (1 point)



39. Will Pyp or Grenn somehow betray Jon Snow? (1 point)



40. Which cities of the East will we visit in ADWD? Not including Meereen, Pentos (1 point per correct guess, -1 point per incorrect guess)




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11 June 2011 @ 10:31 am

Through the Flames is a new community for sufferers of mental health problems, or their family/ friends/ significant other, designed to act as a support group.

Sometimes, for no reason and through no fault of anyone, life sucks and we all need to let off steam, vent and rant about what's pissed us off.

Through the Flames offers a place where people can come - regardless of race, nationality, gender, social class or sexuality - to talk to other like-minded people, who may have experienced something similar themselves. 

So please, if you suffer from mental health problems, or know someone who does, come along and check out the community. And remember to spread the word, too. More members mean more shared experiences.

“All I have to offer you are my ears for listening and my shoulder for you to cry on. I consider us all blessed, for we are given two of each so that we may help others, just as we have helped you.”